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Encounter 924

Encounter 924 is an 8-week experiential leadership development course held each summer at Idyllwild Pines Camp. Encounter is designed to help young Christians (high school seniors and up) successfully transition toward significant impact in their future.

Some of the ways Encounter 924 participants benefit: develop a proven framework for leading, prepare for a career of impact, learn the skills you will need to successfully navigate the college experience, plan your transition to independence, and strengthen the foundations of your faith.

In a world where, so often, we are dissatisfied with leaders, Encounter 924 focuses on helping students practice intentional skills that will enable them to be better in every aspect of life. We want you to understand how your skills fit together and help you succeed in this world.

The Encounter 924 name comes from 1 Cor. 9:24-27. In these verses the Apostle Paul describes some very important concepts about our responsibilities and potential as leaders who trust Jesus. In this passage Paul challenges us to live our lives intentionally, passionately and with discipline, focused on specific achievements. The Encounter 924 Experience is designed to help us do, just that. We believe that followers of Jesus should have a significant advantage in all of life and we help students understand and live out that advantage.

Encounter 924 participants will receive scholarships that include all books and materials, camp dorm lodging, meals, all program activities, on the job training, tuition to all workshops and a 1-on-1 coach. Students have scheduled days off each week and will receive a small stipend that can help with expenses and free time activities.

Encounter 924 will help set students apart so they have a better chance for success.  It will help students find the answers to the spiritual questions the world is challenging them with. Encounter 924 will help students build the foundation necessary for life long character development and it will give them unique life and leadership tools and disciplines that will enable them to more successfully transition to a life of hope, confidence, courage, and ultimately, meaningful impact.

We realize this experience is not for everyone. Students selected will invest 8 weeks of their summer, time that might otherwise be used for vacation or to make money. Students will be expected to work hard and they will be held to high standards. But for the right students, the value of this experience will far outweigh what might be missed.

Encounter 924 has a number of high-quality ministry and marketplace professionals that it relies on to demonstrate success in leadership and perspective in the workplace and in life. From fomer Fortune 500 CEOs’ to entrepreneureal business leaders, a wealth of information and experience leads the Encounter 924 experience.

Check in soon to find out who is coming up to Encounter 924 this summer.

At the end of our summer ministry, we will head out as a group on a missions experience to focus on how we can embody this ministry focused life in the real world!

Keep up to date here to see where we may go this year!

Are you ready to apply for Encounter 924? Great! Feel free to fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you soon!

If you have any questions about Encounter 924 or the application process, contact Kasandra Lovett, Sales and Marketing Director, via phone or email at 951.659.2605 or

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