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Idyllwild Pines Camp is devoted to honoring God through service to campers and the community at large.

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We, at Idyllwild Pines Camp, have a divine mandate to do all we can to help young adults learn skills that will help them navigate through one of the most treacherous transitions in life: high school senior to “Life”. Many high school seniors experience an overwhelming sense of self-doubt, confusion and lack of direction as they leave school to “go out into the world”.

Besides our Encounter:924 program (see Our Programs), we host a weekend every January specifically for high school seniors and their mentors/pastors that educates, encourages and inspires seniors to make the transition to adult life with more enthusiasm and confidence.


The following are some great articles you might be interested in.


Dr. Tim Elmore’s “One Gigantic Predictor of Success for Students”

Tim Elmore

What can we do to cultivate these executive functions in our students? Let me offer a list I just shared at a speaking event I did for parents and teachers:

1. Expand the scorecard for your kids.

In addition to good grades, why not reward attitude and soft skills like delaying gratification, or grit or effort. Let your young people know this is what counts as an adult, employee or leader. Remember—what gets rewarded gets… READ MORE




Dr. Kara Powell’s “What 20-Something’s Need From Us…”

These tendencies in emerging adults to explore their options are not necessarily a result of conscious desire or intentional choice. The world young people have been handed is more complex, competitive, and diverse than the world we knew as young adults. The conventional array of paths available to them has been exponentially multiplied.

As a result, there is so much more to navigate—whether they want to or not.  READ MORE