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Encounter:924 (E924) is a summer leadership experience held at Idyllwild Pines Camp designed to help young Christians “leaders in training” to flourish as they navigate the transition of emerging adulthood.

You will learn to get better results in your Career and Ministry and to lead your family more effectively.

Join us and learn how you can become the leader you were born-again to be!

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Encounter:924 is free for all those who are part of our Summer Staff Team each year, beginning in June. Applications accepted beginning each January.


Your success is the focus of Encounter:924 and is at the heart of our success. Our prayer is that you will become more Hopeful, Confident, Courageous, Impactful and Prepared.

Mission Adventure:

The entire Encounter:924 Cohort will have the opportunity to journey with Idyllwild Pines leadership on a week-long, international, church planting mission trip (the location may vary each year; we have recently been working in Peru).

Encounter:924 is designed to give young Christians the foundation necessary for them to have a significant advantage as they lead in their families, careers and ministry.


“Statio: A moment between Moments”

Idyllwild Pines Camp’s ANNUAL “STATIO” WEEKEND is DESIGNED to ENCOURAGE “Emerging Adults” (High School Seniors) to ENGAGE in CONVERSATIONS with THEIR YOUTH LEADERS about how they can successfully navigate one of life’s treacherous transitions.

“Statio” (STAY-she-oh) is a very old word used to mean “a moment between moments” when religious leaders of old would pause to listen for God’s direction before moving forward.

Each winter we set aside a weekend to provide High School Seniors a fun experience with the leaders who have loved and invested in them faithfully. We pray it is a time of thankfulness, celebration, reflection and planning.

“Statio was a place where I was encouraged to think about where I am, where I’m going, and who I want to become. It was really fun to connect with my youth leader on our time together throughout high school.”

Upcoming Events

Statio Weekend 2020 | January 17-19, 2020

High school seniors and youth leaders take a weekend away to dialogue and strategize how they will put Christ at the heart of all their future transitions.


“Encounter:924 is a summer program designed to give young Christians the foundation necessary for them to make a significant life impact, including the opportunity to participate in an international missions experience.” Season: June through August